11 Tips To Make Your Dog Super Happy

1. Plan a Spa Day

Dog owners sometimes forget that their dogs have basic grooming needs just as humans do. That’s why some basic pampering, like regular brushing of their coats and cleaning of their ears and paws, is essential. A dog’s beauty treatment doesn’t have to cost a fortune or require much work. Set a routine that includes brushing (even for dogs with short coats), teeth cleaning, bath times, and nail trimming—all of which take just a few minutes. Your dog may even grow fond of these kind, loving moments.

2. Stop and Smell the Roses

In our on-the-go culture, we often hurry our dogs along during their walk. Many owners feel that if their pets are not doing their business, they are too distracted or are being lazy. In fact, the opposite is true: sniffing and discovery serve as important ways for dogs to acclimate themselves to new environments, learn about past visitors, and find their territories. Instead of rushing through a walk, allow your dog to get the lay of the land through as many sniffs necessary. Hurrying them will only lead to frustration, especially when first training dogs how to walk properly on the leash.

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